Photographing in a Studio vs On Location.

I do shoot many hundreds of portraits every year for businesses across Cambridgeshire and beyond. Not only portraits but products as well. The best thing about camera equipment these days is that it has become totally portable and convenient to transport in the back of my car. 

Location Portrait Studio

I mention this because I do have clients asking about where my studio is and how big is it. 

The truth is that I don’t own a studio space at all - but I do own the studio photographic equipment that I can bring along to a business premises. 

If needs be I can hire a professional studio, but I always find enough space at my client’s place of work for doing portraits or products. 

So what are the benefits of me coming to you? 

·         Everyone is under one roof

·         Limited work hours lost

·         Work emergencies can be dealt with quickly

·         Re-shuffling of timetable can be easily managed

·         Low carbon emissions ( It’s only me driving!)

·         Last minute additions to the schedule can be managed

·         Staff are there to react quickly to unexpected work duties

·         Only 5 minutes of downtime per employee.

If you are thinking of having staff head shots done then fear not, there really is very little disruption. I just need a bit of space like a conference room and we are good to go.

About Alan Bennett LNPS:

Alan is a corporate and commercial photographer at Media Imaging Solutions